• Quest: 🎨 MetaFest POAP Art

    🎨 MetaFest POAP Art


    5 months ago


    We need some nice art for the NFTs to give out to creators, speakers & attendees of MetaFest2.

    Are you an artist or a designer? Great!

    What’s required are 3 different square images or gifs explaining what they are for. It can be as simple as a MetaFest2 logo with “Speaker” written below though I’d encourage you to get more creative 🙂

    Step 1

    Do it!

    Step 2

    Post in 😬-feedback-box for some feedback.

    Step 3

    If people like it, come back here & click “complete quest”.

    The quest giver will review your submission after which your submission will be bridged to our discord, where it gets rewarded by the community.

    You Gain

    • Friends & fans - people who appreciate you, your contribution & your work.
    • Some XP which acts as reputation in MetaGame. This gets you up the leaderboard, unlocks different perks & makes you a bigger part of the community.
    • Some Seeds - MetaGame’s token that can be converted for real $. If you believe in the long term success of MetaGame, maybe you’ll plant & hold them.

    How many Seeds?

    With the way the XP system works (Sourcecred), there is no way for quest givers to know how much value a quest will generate & yield - it all depends on the outcome of the quest & how much people appreciate it.


    If you cannot see 🙌-give-props or other necessary channels in MetaGame’s discord, means you need to become an Engaged Octo first.

    Ask about it in 🏟-metasquare1.

    If you posted your submission & haven’t heard back in more than 2 days, please ask about it in 🤷-quest-ask & tag @peth

    If you need any help whatsoever, please ask about it in 🤷-quest-ask


    • Art / Illustration
    • Content Creation


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by peth

2 months ago