• 🎥 Record MetaNews


    a year ago


    Are you good at summarizing things? Making fun of things?

    A joker, anchorman & an editor?


    Why don’t you take our latest newsletter & turn it into a 5min video clip of yourself giving a summary of it.

    Not sure how? Take some inspiration from our previous anchorman.

    Step 1

    Read the latest newsletter.

    Step 2

    Write a script or just wing it & record yourself.

    Step 3

    Edit it down to 5 minutes or less & upload.

    Step 4

    Come back here & click “complete quest”.

    The quest giver will review your submission after which your submission will be bridged to our discord, where it gets rewarded by the community.

    You Gain

    • Friends & fans - people who appreciate you, your contribution & your work.
    • Some XP which acts as reputation in MetaGame. This gets you up the leaderboard, unlocks different perks & makes you a bigger part of the community.
    • Some Seeds - MetaGame’s token that can be converted for real $. If you believe in the long term success of MetaGame, maybe you’ll plant & hold them.

    How many Seeds?

    With the way the XP system works (Sourcecred), there is no way for quest givers to know how much value a quest will generate & yield - it all depends on the outcome of the quest & how much people appreciate it.


    • If you cannot see 🙌-give-props or other necessary channels in MetaGame’s discord, it means you need to become an Engaged Octo first. Go down the rabbit hole if you haven't & find your way to the Engaged Octo's path.

    • If you posted your submission & haven’t heard back in more than 2 days, please ask about it in 🤷-quest-ask & tag @peth

    • If you need any help whatsoever, please ask about it in 🤷-quest-ask


    Doable every ~14 days


    • Video Production
    • Communications


    • Videomaking
    • Shiller



by 0x4991…7a1b

4 months ago


Didn't make it 5mins but liked doing 20 none the less.