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    7 months ago


    MetaGame needs more patrons!

    As you might know, MetaGame never wanted to raise VC funding so we’re dependent on people working for tokens which are minted for past work, while waiting for others to recognize the value of MetaGame & scoop up these tokens from the market.

    Well, these tokens have never been cheaper & becoming a patron (monetary supporter) only takes about $50.

    Why not become a patron yourself? 🤷‍♂️

    Step 1

    Think about why not & check out this page.

    Conclude there’s no reason not to.

    Step 2

    Check out the Seeds & follow the steps there.

    Step 3

    Come back here & click “complete quest”.

    The quest giver will review your submission after which your submission will be bridged to our discord, where it gets rewarded by the community.

    You Gain

    • Friends & fans - people who appreciate you, your contribution & your work.
    • Some XP which acts as reputation in MetaGame. This gets you up the leaderboard, unlocks different perks & makes you a bigger part of the community.
    • Some Seeds - MetaGame’s token that can be converted for real $. If you believe in the long term success of MetaGame, maybe you’ll plant & hold them.

    How many Seeds?

    With the way the XP system works (Sourcecred), there is no way for quest givers to know how much value a quest will generate & yield - it all depends on the outcome of the quest & how much people appreciate it.


    • If you cannot see 🙌-give-props or other necessary channels in MetaGame’s discord, it means you need to become an Engaged Octo first. Go down the rabbit hole if you haven't & find your way to the Engaged Octo's path.

    • If you posted your submission & haven’t heard back in more than 2 days, please ask about it in 🤷-quest-ask & tag @peth

    • If you need any help whatsoever, please ask about it in 🤷-quest-ask


    Doable every ~a day



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    by maxwe11

    4 months ago


    I watered more seeds! Transaction linked.