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Hello Guilder!
Thinking maybe your project should join MetaGame but aren't sure?


At MetaGame, we believe Ethereum is a core technology for building socioeconomic systems of the future & DAOs are how we get there. We are building an Onboarding Machine & A Decentralized Factory for this fledgling Ethereum DAO ecosystem & the people that want to take part in building the future.
Our first goal is to build a place for people to learn what these technologies mean for them & how they can start contributing, then support the people & projects that are building different pieces of this “decentralized society” puzzle in any way we can.
We are looking for projects that are either building pieces of the infrastructure for the society of the future, offering tools & services to those that are, or just doing something cool.
Please have a clear vision of how you fit in as a piece of this puzzle & ethos before trying to join.
  • How does my DAO fit into this “Decentralized Factory”?
  • If it doesn't, does it at least fit as a part of this “building a new world” narrative? (We'll be accepting DAOs ranging from artist or gamer collectives to activist groups.)

Read more about MetaGame:

  • MetaGame
  • WTF Is MetaGame
  • A Decentralized Factory
  • Phases of MetaGame
  • The MetaManifesto
  • Why Become a Patron

Why join?

A few reasons, actually!

  • Because you feel aligned with the vision & want to be a piece of this “new world” puzzle
  • You want access to a network of pioneers, helpers, stress testers & early adopters
  • You need access or connections to all knowledge & other resources you need for realizing your project. Eventually, a nice interface for accessing all of the above & more:
  • Eg. service offering, role opening & quest requesting boards on MetaGame to help guilds exchange what they need amongst each other.


Before wasting your time applying, please have a read through what makes a good fit:

  • At least one of your members is already a player or patron of MetaGame
  • You're doing something useful in the Ethereum DAO ecosystem, such as:
    • Building a DAO, a dApp, a protocol or a tool
    • Providing a service for other DAOs or guilders
  • Doing something good for the world, outside or vaguely related to crypto
  • Doing all of the above

After convincing us you're doing something useful & passing the initial alignment check, there is essentially one requirement:

  • Signal your alignment with the The MetaManifesto
    • By putting your money where your mouth is; donate to a philanthropic or ecological initiative of your choosing through Giveth or another organization of your choosing.
    • By buying a MetaManifesto NFT and/or some Seeds.

Then What?

Then its onto making it known, finding more points of alignment and collaborating!
Here's what we usually do:
  • You join as a patron & subscribe to our announcement channel, we do the same
  • We announce the new guild onboarding
  • We record a podcast episode with one of the founders
  • We organize a guild2guild meetup
  • You join the group of representatives of all the guilds
  • We do whatever else you suggest
  • All the while, we discuss things we could collaborate on or help each other with

Any questions? Ask in ⁉-ask-anything or get in touch with @petheth.

To apply, your guild must have a Discord server.

Please log in or create a player profile by pressing the "Connect" button to start the guild setup process.