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What are Guilds?

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Guilds make up the Decentralized Factory

Guilds are simply groups of players & patrons doing something useful in our or one of the adjacent ecosystems.

Guilds of MetaGame aka the MetaAlliance are a network of service & project DAOs, making up The Decentralized Factory.

A Decentralized Factory

Diagram of the decentralized factory concept

Why have your guild join MetaGame?

A few reasons, actually!

Firstly, because you feel aligned with the vision & want to be a part of this “new world” puzzle.

You may also want to become a part of MetaGame if you:

  • Want access to a network of pioneers, helpers, stress testers & early adopters.
  • Need access or connections to knowledge & resources you need for your guild.
  • Want a place to offer your service or tools to other DAOs or integrate it into MetaOS.
  • Are interested in using MetaGame as a platform or deploying MetaOS on your own.
  • Need a little help spreading the word & getting your project out there.
  • Want help onboarding people into your DAO.


Before trying to join as a guild, it is recommended you join as a player or a patron first…

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Become a Player

Players are the ones actively contributing towards the realization of MetaGame.


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Become a Patron

Patrons are the ones passively contributing towards the realization of MetaGame.

Then think: is your guild a good fit for MetaGame?


You need to tick at least 2 of these boxes!

  • At least one of your members is a member of MetaGame
  • You’re doing something useful for the DAO ecosystem
    👉 Building a DAO, a dApp, a protocol or a tool?
    👉 Providing a service to other DAOs?
  • You’re doing something good for the world
    👉 Should be outside or vaguely related to crypto (Regens FTW!)


After making sure you’re a good fit, there is essentially one requirement…

You’ll need to signal your alignment with the MetaManifesto

  • By donating to a humanitarian or ecological initiative of your choosing.
  • By buying a MetaManifesto NFT and/or watering Seeds.
Note: Long term, all guilds will be expected to periodically offset their carbon footprint &/or donate to other good (non-crypto) causes.

Tiers & Perks

Note: Higher tiers include previous tiers’ perks!

Other guilds include …

Decided to join?

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Ready to join the Decentralized Factory & become one of the Founding Guilds of MetaGame? Apply now 👇